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About Us

RVRSPLAY is an audio boutique that creates imaginative music and sound design for interactive media, film, television, and advertising. We deliver theme-driven, sonic landscapes specially designed to maximize the emotional experience of any project.


Creating moods, themes, and sonic landscapes is what we do best. This is crucial in game projects where the player is completely immersed in the world created. With this in mind, we work hard to deliver music and sound design that brings emotion to the forefront.

Film & Television

We pay close attention to what emotion the director wants to convey, and create our sonics accordingly. Always keeping an ear towards the underground, we present sounds that are fresh, timeless, and beyond just “what’s next”.

Trailers & Advertising

Big, impactful, and energetic all describe traits found in many film, television, and product advertising campaigns. Coming from a long, 15-year history of scoring and sound designing for commercials, we have a ton of experience packing punch into 30 to 90-second spots.

The Sound of Imagination

At RVRSPLAY, we are dedicated to developing a style that is unique. While we’re not stuck to one genre, we also don’t mimic a wide array of existing sound palettes. What we provide is an aesthetic meant to fully explore; gravitating toward artists with a willingness to take risks.


2016 Original Music Sampler

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Los Angeles, CA